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All lyrics and music posted here © 2016 Dave Slinger


Special thanks to all project contributors, friends and fans.


SLINGER, BSAFER Studios, BSAFER Productions and the "Stinky Feet" Records present these songs to you in RAW "unpolished" form (old analog reel to digital conversions).  Many say the music today is over-polished and sterile.  It has lost the spontaneity, identity, and original feel of what Rock and Rock N Roll used to be.  SLINGER is Raw, Dirty, Rock music that is on the edge and dangerous.  Yeah, sometimes you fall when you're walking the line but ya know what?  Sometimes it's also fun to go off the rails, and take a risk.


We'd love to hear your input and comments.  If you are an artist interested in "covering" a song, or a producer / engineer wanting to cut a new recording / re-mix / EDM / collab or license any of the SLINGER material, our ears are open to hearing your pitch.


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Dedicated to my best friend and drummer- Donnie Reed...  RIP man!!!

Also- Jeff Dostis, David Kahler, Kirby Reed, Clancy, Mark, Rodger and other anonymous "Slingers."


 Sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to give the project a  spin!

"We're flying in- under the radar"




Kudos to:

BSAFER Productions / Studios-"Stinky Feet" Records

James at BombShelter Studios and Rehearsals

Corey at S1 Recording Studios

Jon Statham- For producing and engineering the new country version of:

It's Alright, It's Okay (Coming soon...).




Video & Graphics Kudos to:

McTed Adrian- For logo animations and clips for SLINGER

Kirill aXid- For creating the Take Me Away video

Usama Naseer- For creating the Shake Em Down video

Andy Bramhill For creating the Stop Gunnin' Me Down video

VideoBlast- JT for creating the animated logo clips and the videos You're In Danger and Aces Up My Sleeve




Very Special Thanks to:

Jeff Dostis- For inspiration and PUSH


Greg Hillis- For help and support


Brian Russick- Percussion bongos & shaker on Stop Gunnin' Me Down


Bill Hartel- Percussion congas on Stop Gunning' Me Down.  Plus reverse engineering the drums for the The HYBRID collection.


Jeffery Crandell- (great photographer and artist) Encouragement and tips


US Printing- (Dennis, Ray & Trish) Help with artwork, printing, etc.


***All of you old and new fans that are climbing aboard!!!!  YEAH***


Ms Elizabeth Cotten- For the inspiration to keep moving forward again


Guitar World Magazine- For writing the November 2013 Elizabeth Cotten article that motivated SLINGER to get back in the saddle and ride...


Jodi Krangle- MusesMuse song forum (excellent help, support and advice)


Travis Moore- Friend and social network tweaking advisor  :0)


The Hairless Hippie in Philly- For help spreadin' the word  :0) They actually GET IT!!! How cool is that?


NUEFUTUR Magazine- Review about this project and support


WLVR- For being pioneers like in the golden age of rock!  Willing to take a chance and be different from the rest... Lehigh U near Philly- rock radio.


Muse's Muse- CHECK OUT and support, great music from my friends HERE


ChillSpot FM Radio- Spinning three SLINGER songs on the air as we type!!!


Rock N Wayne Watkins in Louisiana getting the first spin ups of the new unreleased song Aces Up My Sleeve.  Give the tune a listen on his station!!!


14MUSIC and YAMAKI for support and inspiration.

RIA APRIL AVALON for the extra spark when the flame was dying again.  Check out some of her lyrics at- RIA APRIL AVALON

GREGG BOETHIN for some words of wisdom and allowing me to jam on  some of his tracks.  Check out some great original country songs-