"Buzz  & Bumps"




Shake Em Down (Beat The Odds collection)

Will Griggs, Songs 4 Screens- “Great classic rock sound, This song has a great and traditional rock sound that is very needed for period oriented movies.  It actually has an old school mix and mastering sound as well.”


Bob Marlette, Martic Music- “Cool retro rock, this is cool from the get go.  Good job.  You're a talented guy, we love that.  Still got that song of yours in my head...” 


A&R Team, Splash Galaxy® Music- “Cool tune and the right 60s vibe for what we're looking for.”

Random EQ- “We really enjoyed the tune!  This track has a very great retro sound and some very solid elements to it.  Great job here!” 


Factory Music Recordings & Music Publishing Company- “Brings back memories of the Isle of Wight 68.  Love the guitars, Zeppelin style vocals and lyrics.”


You're In Danger (Beat The Odds collection)

A&R, Lightyear Entertainment- “Cool track!”


Beat The Odds (Beat The Odds collection)

Charlie Mac, MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK- “The song is well written, it's 70's Rock.  The performance is unique.”


Eric Michelson A & R, Invengo Productions- “You definitely have the raw talent and ability.  I think you have the integrity and capability to produce really great music.”


Joshua Rumer Producer, Invengo Productions- “There is some really good stuff to work with here.  I like Rock A Bye (Baby), There Ain’t Another Woman, Shake Em Down, Stop Gunning Me Down and Beat The Odds for starters.  This is good!”


Garry Producer/Engineer, The Music Box- “Fuzzy vintage Lo-Fi with raw energy!  It has a very vintage feel and sound to it and in terms of form and arrangement is strong.  I love Lo-Fi / alt music. It's my favorite to listen to and work on. There is something raw and visceral about this style that just translates very well to the listener. It's always more about capturing the energy of the band / song / artist than trying to re-construct a mix into something generic.  Good work!!! “


Stop Gunnin' Me Down (Beat The Odds collection)

James Sanger, Vibey Developments- “Great tough toms vibe at the beginning I like the vibe of the vocal.  The song seems to get up really nicely. Everything seems to be working together well.  There is talent, the guitar is good... the track is really cooking!!  Well done ... keep it up!”


Hard Lovin You (Beat The Odds collection)

Charlie Mac- Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick- “The song is well written, definitely Rock”

Stuart Epps, Epps Music Productions- “Reminds me of the Stones / Lennon and has a good feel, some great singing and playing.  Good, I like it.  I’m sure you’re great live.”





    DAVE SLINGER began his professional music career at the time with Donnie Reed (drums), Jeff Dostis (guitar) Kirby Reed (bass).  They performed live on the L.A. and Orange County club circuit for years.  However, the tragic death of Donnie Reed caused SLINGER to disband and Dave completely turned his back on music for what seemed like an eternity.  Final closure of posting Donnie song to the web brought "closure" around in a strange way.

Now a solo artist, SLINGER is back and bringing to life some of his previous analog tracks.  The Beat The Odds collection is a full analog to digital mix.  The HYBRIDs collection is half analog and half digital songs.  The next (much anticipated) collection will be all NEW songs and ALL in the digital recording format.  One thing SLINGER enjoys is change and surprises.  No two songs sound the same and he likes to push the envelope and experiment. 

RAW, DIRTY- ROCK MUSIC (RDR) are some words used to describe the SLINGER sound.  Although some can hear traces of The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, AC/DC, The Stooges, Oasis and others; SLINGER has his own unique sound and style that can easily be identified in all of the early recordings.  He has a "no frills" approach to his music with vocals and lyric writing that jump in and get to the point.  His lead guitar playing is also direct and every note has "feeling" and something to say.  The rhythm guitar is "vintage" crunchy and dirty and the bass playing is solid and simple.  Many of The HYBRID songs have some VIP musicians brought in to add some "spice" to the previously unfinished tracks. 

Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass (Keys)- SLINGER

(Drums)- Bill Hartel

(Keyboards)- The "Reverend" Gary

(Horns & Brass)- SP Bros

(Backup Vocals)- Stevie Nix and Queen Latisha

Throughout SLINGER’s musical career, he has written and recorded many songs from Rock N Roll to Hard Rock with some "experimental" songs in between.  He has (in the past) independently released a collectors series of five "picture disc" (vinyl 7" record with graphics on it) with the song Rock A Bye Baby on it.  SLINGER now as the Beat The Odds (EP) available now at major download locations.   

NOW on iTunes and CD Baby and other download websites


The HYBRIDs collection is HERE!!! 


Many of the current songs have an animated “vintage” video to express some of the thoughts, feelings and “vibe” of the tunes.  Currently most of the tracks and videos are in “private mode” for VIP’s and industry reps. however; they will be opened up soon and distributed worldwide to "fans" and friends. 


A PRO member of BMI- SLINGER has many songs "Stems" and “Stubs” available for television and film projects also. 


Many of the SLINGER logos and designs are being uploaded to our merchandizing department where you can soon build and customize your own personal “swag” items.  Feel free to inquire if you have any questions about the SLINGER project.  Click the email address below to send us a message.

REAL Music is like food for the soul.

And speaking of food, it is kind of the same. In the fifties we ate real food. Took it from the garden in a lot of cases, butchered our own cows (or our uncle's, lol), and it was made and cooked at home. Healthy stuff. And holy cow (ptp), you could eat red meat, dairy, eggs and all that "BAD" stuff and still stay healthy and not gain weight either. We ate fruit when it was in season, picked berries and drove out to get peaches in August.....and I have never had a juicer, tastier, sweeter peach since.

Then the sixties and seventies came along, and my gawd you could get TV dinners, and the grocery stores loaded up on boxed foods full of corn and corn syrup. Fruit and vegetables became full of pesticides and were grown so fast and picked so green that they no longer had any taste. Nobody wanted to eat them anymore and can you blame them? And why bother anyway as the soil became so depleted with the farming methods that you didn't get any benefit anyway - no vitamins or minerals whatsoever. Instant this, instant that, and with the popularity of microwave ovens everything became micro instant. A roast or a baked potato tasted like shit, but who cares....you save time!....you save the hassle! 


Since dinner tasted like crap, the convenience stores decided to cash in on this bonanza and offered up crates of crap where kids could go fill up after the supper they couldn't and didn't want to eat.  Along with all that also came higher rates of every disease imaginable. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a bunch of newly invented we-don't-really-know-what-this-is malfunctions of our systems like fibromyalgia and other miscellaneous autoimmune disorders. You also would have to look really, really hard to find a kid who doesn't suffer from asthma or allergies of some sort in this day and age. The food not only played havoc with the body, but the mind.

It all became easy, fast, and nobody really had to learn much about how to do it or practice up to get good. Open a box - presto! Supper! So, are we talking about food or music? Makes no never mind to me. Open some software - presto! Music! But, the fake food didn't taste good and wasn't good for you either. But, the fake music doesn't sound good and doesn't nourish your soul either. Now, the trend is to eat much more wholesome, much healthier. Real food. Oh my gawd!!

And so.....I believe this music trend will see its day come to an end too. It is too robotic, creates chaos in our brains, and does not truly feed our souls. Neither the listening, nor the creating of it (And the creating part....mouse clicks versus say, plucking a guitar string, warrants a whole essay on its own!) It won't be tomorrow, but slowly it will change. Like food, it won't be exactly like it once was.....but it will be better than the crap that is out there that they have been feeding us the past few years. The generation of the past wanted quick, easy meal prep.

And how did that work?

The generation of the present wants quick, easy, free music.

And how is that working?

Sooner or later, people come along and say,



By Shelly Can-a-DUH


RAW, DIRTY- ROCK MUSIC (the way it used to be)